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“Why not?” Jeff said, she was finding her strength. That could not be allowed. Jeff fumbled in his pockets, keeping his eyes on her. His glare was icey cold. “Any last words?” Jeff said finally taking something from his pocket, he was ready to do something very very nasty.

Faye watched as he reached into his pocket with growing terror. What was he going to get out? A gun? He didn’t carry a gun, did he? What the hell had she done to piss this guy off? What had she done to deserve getting killed? Because that was what it sounded like he was going to do. She shook her head, backing up away from him. She felt the back of her legs collide with the edge of her bed and she fell flat on her butt. “Y-You can’t b-be serious,” she cried, desperate to escape.

Jeff took three steps forward and on the third pulled her up by the neck. “I’m dead serious.” He turned Faye around and bent her over a small table taking the object out of his pocket. It was dental floss, his own as it would happen. Jeff was something of a health freak, very certain he liked things kept a certain way. He pulled it out and gripped it in both hands, hooking it over her head and pulling Faye back up. He pulled the floss tight so that it began to choke her. “As I said, everything that follows will be a direct result of what happens here.”

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